Albatross is a cerebral cinematic side-scroller about time travel, causation and death. Lots of death. You play the role of Stewart, a cowardly software developer who is unwittingly led into an underground research facility, Albatross, that is dedicated to the study of spacetime. Once inside you discover a device that allows you to travel between the present, 1984, and the distant future (where things are decidedly worse than in 1984) with the press of a button. You'll have to solve a series of puzzles that rely on time travel and a firm grasp of causality if you want to escape.


About Deeper Magic

Deeper Magic formed in 2014 when Jonathan Coleman and Chad Voss joined forces to create their first game. Chad and Jonathan have known each other since college and have made several award winning short films together. Albatross is their first artistic venture in the video game world. Jonathan currently works as a film and TV producer in the entertainment industry and Chad is a UX design manager in the software industry.


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Deeper Magic Co
Based in Seattle & New York City


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Planned Release Date
Q3 2019



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Team & Regular Collaborators

Chad Voss
Game Designer, Engineer, Artist, Deeper Magic Company

Jonathan Coleman
Business & Development, Game Designer, Deeper Magic Company

Long Pham
Artist, Freelancer

Long Pham
Artist, Freelancer

Kyle Hoover
Modeler, Freelancer

Anastasia Malysheva
Modeler, Freelancer

Warren Marshall
Modeler, Freelancer

John Snyder

Jonathan Snipes


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