If you haven't had a chance, check out post 1 and post 2 before reading on...

So where do we stand now, 8 months into our social campaign?

Twitter: 6364 followers
Instagram: 5134 followers
Facebook: 72 Fans

We see Twitter as a huge success story. And we don’t consider Facebook a failure, even with those very low numbers, as it seems to take the longest to grow that network. Part of the rationale for starting this blog in fact, is to have higher quality content to share on Facebook, as we continue working.

Our social strategy is on its way to becoming a success. And a large part of WHY is how enthusiastic the Indie Game community is! They are also very clearly defined on social channels - when someone hashtags #gamedev, you know an ENORMOUS amount about who that person is (far more than hashtags like “#photography or “#writers, both communities which are just as enthusiastic, but seem to be less clearly demarcated by a handful of hashtags).

Of course the actual hard work is a large part of why we have any results. As I said in Part 1, I dedicate at minimum 30 minutes every day (with very occasional gap days when traveling) to our social strategy. So 8 months in, that looks like: 240 days… multiplied by 30 minutes, equaling 7,200 minutes of work, or 120 hours. Thankfully, work in = results out. So far.

Of course, the true test will come closer to when we make moves to launch a Kickstarter and our eventual release date. How many of these followers are interested enough to not just observe, but participate/purchase? How many people will risk putting their money were their likes are? And what about…… THE PRESS? That’s the next giant mystery to us. Hoping to unravel that one a little bit quicker :)

We’ll know so much more in the coming months. Until then, onwards!