When Chad and I began work on Albatross in 2014, we knew eventually there’d be some amount of our time devoted to publicity. My mental checklist looked like this:

A) Need a STRONG game mechanic (check)

B) Need a profoundly interesting game STORY (check)

C) Need to tell as many people as possible about our game (big question mark)

I’ve found that as a newbie game developer, my day-to-day is chock full of big question marks. But what I lack in known-how, I make up for in SHEER FORCE OF WILL. So in November of 2015 (a year later than we should have started), I began my “social media strategy” across what I assumed were the big three: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. So we set up an account for each platform: @DeeperMagicCofacebook.com/AlbatrossGame, and @AlbatrossGameFeed, respectively.

I used Keyhole.co (a paid service, but the first couple of days are free!) to determine the relevant hashtags (off the top of my head I knew #gamedev and #indiedev, but I had never heard of #screenshotsaturday, among many others). I planned to tag every single post with as many pertinent hashtags as would fit, to get us maximum exposure within the indie gaming community. Then, there was a lot of hoping and praying…

…AND every day, and I mean EVERY single day, whether we posted anything or not, I went to work on following/favoriting/liking any relevant user/tweet/post from fellow Devs. I still spend roughly 30 minutes every single day, on liking/following/messaging the social channels (I’m not including the Reddit or MadeWithUnity groups, because those are harder to quantify, and I like talking about big shiny quantifiable NUMBERS.  

The next 8 months have been quite the adventure. And we’ve learned something shocking along the way.

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