Albatross is a side-scroller about time travel, causation and courage.

Albatross is a Cerebral Cinematic 2.5D Side-Scrolling Puzzle Platformer Game. If Limbo married Portal, we'd be the baby.

You play as STEWART: a lowly tech genius who stumbles into an underground research facility named ALBATROSS that is dedicated to the study of time travel. You quickly discover a strange device spattered with blood, and you're pretty certain it's only a matter of time before you and your sweater-vest get in big trouble for being here.

Then you turn it on...

...and realize that with the press of a button you're now able to time-jump between the retro-present (1984) and many years into the future (where everything's much worse than 1984).

As the mystery unfolds and you discover the terrible truth of what happened to everyone living in Albatross, you'll have to solve increasingly daunting puzzles using time travel, a firm grasp of causality, and your own raw mental genius muscles... if you want to get out, alive.